2 January 2018

Eliane Schneider's MSc thesis published in Economic Botany. This study reappraised traditional knowledge about palms by the Chachi indigenous group in Ecuador, 30 years after the first study in 1985 on Chachi palm ethnobotany (Barfod and Balslev 1988). We wished to gain insight about which palm species the Chachi people use today, and how palm traditional knowledge has changed among the Chachi since 1985.


Schneider E, R Cámara-Leret, A Barfod & C Weckerle. 2017. Palm use by two Chachi communities of Ecuador: a 30-year reappraisal. Economic Botany PDF

November 2017

Start of MSc project of Mr. Zhi Shee Qiang "Molecular phylogeny of Papuan Schefflera"

October 2017

Start of our Kew-Naturalis Royal Society project "Building the New Guinea Research Team" with a 3- week visit of Dr. Rodrigo Cámara-Leret to Naturalis Biodiversity Center to initiate work with Prof. Peter van Welzen and Dr. Niels Raes. This was a unique opportunity to also consult the Leiden herbarium, library archives, meet with New Guinea experts Dr. Wim Vink, Dr. Jan Frits Veldkamp and Dr. Max van Baalgoy, and examine ethnographic objects at Dutch museums.

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