Building the New Guinea Research Team

New Guinea is the most mountainous and biodiverse island in the world. However, it remains under-collected and little is known about the geography of endemism and extinction risk. We aim to develop an international consortium/research programme of excellence on the biodiversity of New Guinea which currently does not exist. After assembling a large dataset of New Guinea plants –integrating >0.5 million herbarium specimens stored at Kew and Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NBC)– we will analyze this ‘big data’ using state-of-the art modelling techniques to map spatio-temporal patterns in botanical exploration, delineate phytogeographical regions, predict species richness and phylogenetic diversity, and quantify the effects of predicted climate and land use change on protected areas’ biodiversity. By 2020 we will identify the most important areas for plant conservation in Indonesian New Guinea and train the next generation of Papuan conservation biologists.






United Kingdom (RBG Kew)

Dr. Tim Utteridge

Dr. André Schuitemann

Dr. Anna Trias Blasi

Dr. Martin Cheek

Dr. Ian Darbyshire

Dr. William Baker

Dr. David Frodin

Dr. Lisa Pokorny


Netherlands (Naturalis Biodiversity Center)

Prof. Peter van Welzen

Dr. Niels Raes

Dr. Max van Balgooy

Susana Arias


Switzerland (University of Zurich)

Dr. Michael Kessler


Germany (University of Bonn)

Dr. Marcus Lehnert



Universitas Papua Manokwari:

Freddy Pattiselanno

Jimmy Wanma


Local government of West Papua

Prof. Charlie Heatubun


Conservation International

Dr. Yance de Fretes


Kew Tropical Important Plant Areas website:

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