Indonesian Forest Monitoring Network

Indonesia has the third largest area of tropical forest globally, yet  long-term forest monitoring  networks across the archipelago are missing.   This new consortium aims to mobilise and integrate existing permanent sample plot datasets  to document forest dynamics across the archipelago, from Sumatra to Papua. Our long-term forest measurements will explore where, how and why the archipelago's tropical forests are changing and  advance ecological research on the region's distinct flora.   


1-ha permanent plot established by UNIPA-Kew team in West Papua, 2016



Muhammad Abdullah


Wahyu C. Adinugroho

Fitri Aini

Benjamin J. W. Buckley

K. Rosalie Dench

Iswan Dunggio

Fabien Garnier

Charlie Heatubun

Haruni Krisnawati

Relawan Kuswandi

Nurul S. Lestari

Hesti Lestari Tata

Muhammad Mansur

Agustinus Murdjoko

Satria Oktarita

Ramadhanil Pitopang

Antun Puspanti

Muhammad A. Qirom

Andes H. Rozak

Emma Soraya

Endah Sulistyiwati

Siti Sundari

Agustinus P. Tampubolon

Tatang Tiryana

Jimmy Wanma

United Kingdom

Francis Brearley

Alicia Ledo

Lan Qie

Thomas E. L. Smith

Liam A. Trethowan

Charlotte E.  Wheeler

Elena Cantarello

Sunitha R. Pangala


Campbell O. Webb


Biocultural diversity of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy: towards a UNESCO World Heritage Site

This project aims to monitor changes in plant communities caused by climate change in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park, document the perceptions of the indigenous U'wa people about the ecosystem services delivered by the Cocuy NP, and mainstream the importance of Cocuy NP across all sectors of society to contribute to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This project arises from a longstanding passion and research by Professor Antoine Cleef, who since the 1970s has been  mainstreaming the importance of the Cocuy as a global centre of plant diversity.



Netherlands (University of Amsterdam)

Prof. Antoine Cleef

Dr. Guido van Reenen

Switzerland (University of Zurich)

Ingrid Olivares

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