Ecosystem services



United Kingdom (RBG Kew)

Zoe Dennehy

Dr. David Frodin


Universitas Papua Manokwari:

  Freddy Pattiselanno

  Nurhaidah Sinaga

  Jimmy Wanma

  Local government of West Papua

  Prof. Charlie Heatubun

Human-Plant Interactions in New Guinea

New Guinea supports the greatest biocultural diversity on Earth and is one of the world's centres of origin and diversity of crop wild relatives (e.g., banana, taro, breadfruit). However,  the services provided by the region's ecosystems or the ex situ and in situ conservation strategies needed to maintain crop wild rleatives for food and agriculture have received little attention. In this project we aim to  establish a multidisciplinary research hub to generate insights on the functions of biodiversity, including  economically-important plants and crop wild relatives. Our programme will mainstream New Guinea's unique biocultural diversity, and increase links  between  scientists,  local government, NGOs and indigenous communities.



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