Tropical forests harbour the highest biological diversity on Earth and documenting their plant diversity is a global taxonomic priority. Part of my research aims to catalog and understand the morphological and evolutionary relationships in the tropical plant families Melastomataceae, palms (Arecaceae), and tree ferns (Cyatheaceae). This is done through a combination of expeditions and herbarium research.






United Kingdom (RBG Kew)

Dr. Tim Utteridge

Dr. David Frodin

Dr. Oscar Alejandro Perez Escobar

Dr. Lisa Pokorny

Dr. William Baker

Lucy Smith

Shee Zhi Qiang

Peter Petoe

Tom McCarter


Netherlands (Naturalis Biodiversity Center)

Dr. Jan Frits Veldkamp

Dr. Jeannette Ridder Numan


Switzerland (University of Zurich)

Dr. Michael Kessler


Germany (University of Bonn)

Dr. Marcus Lehnert


Colombia (Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó)

Juan Carlos Copete Maturana


New Melastomataceae

from Indonesia

New Palms from


Palms of New Guinea

New Tree Ferns from New Guinea

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