Rodrigo Cámara Leret 

 Indigenous knowledge networks

   Linking biological and cultural diversity

My research is centered on indigenous  knowledge, its drivers and emerging macroscopic patterns.

I am furthermore interested on systematic conservation planning of biocultural heritage and in bringing the human dimension into studies of ecosystem services that have traditionally focused on the ecological component. Geographically, my work focuses primarily on two tropical wilderness areas that harbor a disproportionate amount of our planet’s biocultural diversity: Amazonia and New Guinea. Collaborative fieldwork is central to my research and I have spent 30 months working with 28 indigenous groups of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and New Guinea. 

Macuna, Colombian Amazonia
Kamentsa, Colombian Andes
Embera, Colombia
Yucuna, Colombian Amazonia
Emberá weaving palm basket
Bëtsknaté, Colombia
Apaporis, Colombian Amazonia
Visitor's space, Macuna maloca
Embera village, Colombia
Manioc harvest
Macuna, Colombian Amazonia
Tobacco snuff, Colombian Amazonia
Tikuna weaving palm leaves, Colombia
Tsa'chila, Ecuador
Gunung Meja, New Guinea
Achuar village, Ecuador

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