Arfak Mountains, New Guinea (2016)
Traditional round house of the Macuna tribe, Colombian Amazonia (2011)
Tropical rainforests of the Chocó biodiversity hotspot, Colombia (2011)
Media coverage of Cámara-Leret et al. Nature Plants (2017)
Establishing the Gunung Meja 1-ha permanent plot, Manokwari, New Guinea (2016)
Tree ferns at 4300m in Mt Jaya, New Guinea (2016)
Indonesian Forest Monitoring Network, Cibodas Botanical Garden, Java (2016)
Páramos of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia (2017)
With Prof. Antoine Cleef and Dr. Guido van Reenen at the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia (2012)
Collecting plants in Sibundoy, Colombia (2011)
Workshop at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, (2015)

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