Selected papers

Selected papers in orange

48. From earthquakes to island area: multi-scale effects upon local diversity

LATrethowan, F Brambach,  R Cámara-Leret, Y Laumonier, D Sheil, JW Ferry Slik, CO Webb, A Murdjoko, ML Bastian, K Kartawinata, A Mansor, M Mansur, E Mirmanto, E Nurtjahya, A Permana, A Rozak, P Wilkie, Z Rahmad, D Arifiani, IPGD Damayanto, C Puglisi, R Asmarayani, NMH Benu, GLC Bramley, W Dharma, CD Heatubun, A Hidayat, R Kuswandi, S Mathews, Megawati, H Rustiami, Y Santika, W Santoso, E Setiawan, T Trionon, K Wambrauw, JF Wanma, AH Yanto, M Siregar, A Sadili, TD Atikah, E Kintamani, A Tjoa, H Culmsee, D Girmansyah, H Gunawan, R Pitopang, TMA Utteridge, R Morley, J Schrader, FQ Brearley

Ecography (2024) LINK PDF

47. Palms of New Guinea

WJ Baker, AS Barfod, R Cámara-Leret, JL Dowe, CD Heatubun, P Petoe, JH Turner, S Zona, J Dransfield

848 pg., 246 x 189 mm, Hardback, ISBN 978 1 84246810 4, Kew Publishing (2024) LINK PDF

46. The global distribution of plants used by humans

S Pironon, I Ondo, M Diazgranados, R Allkin, A C Baquero,  R Cámara-Leret, C Canteiro, Z Dennehy-Carr, R Govaerts, S Hargreaves, A J Hudson, R Lemmens, W Milliken, M Nesbitt, K Patmore, G Schmelzer, R M Turner, T R van Andel, T Ulian, A Antonelli, K J Willis

Science 383(6680): 293-297 (2024) LINK PDF | SM

45. The importance of Indigenous and local people for cataloging biodiversity

JC Copete*, A Kik, V Novotny & R Cámara-Leret*

Trends in Ecology and Evolution 38 (12): 1112-1114  (2023) LINK | PDF

44. Biocultural vulnerability exposes threats of culturally important species

V Reyes-García*, R Cámara-Leret, B Halpern, C O'Hara, D Renard, Zafra-Calvo & S Díaz

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 120(2): e2217303120 (2023) LINK PDF

Press: The UCSB Current LINK

43. The likely extinction of hundreds of palm species threatens their contributions to people and ecosystems

S Bellot*, Y Lu, A Antonelli, WJ Baker, J Dransfield, F Forest, WD Kissling, IJ Leitch, E Nic Lughadha, I Ondo, S Pironon, BE Walker, R Cámara-Leret*, & SP Bachman

Nature Ecology & Evolution  LINKPDF| SM

Press: Nature Ecology & Evolution News & Views LINK  BBC LINK

42. Language extinction triggers the loss of unique medicinal knowledge 

R Cámara-Leret* & J Bascompte

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 118 (24): e2103683118 (2021) LINK | PDF | SM

Press: El País LINKLa Vanguardia LINKThe Guardian LINK  El Espectador LINK  University of Zurich LINK  Popular Science LINK  Corriere de La Sera  LINK  Neue Zürcher Zeitung LINK  Mongabay LINK  Science Magazine LINK

Podcasts:  The Guardian Science Weekly LINK  PNAS Science Sessions LINK  Many Minds LINK

Included in Nature's essential round-up of science news for showing that:

 “most medicinal plants are known in only one language, and those languages are at risk of extinction"  LINK

41. Life-history dimensions indicate non-random assembly processes in tropical island tree communities

J Schrader, D Craven, C Sattler, R Cámara-Leret, S Moeljono & H Kreft. 

Ecography 43: 1-12 (2020) LINK | PDF

40. Language extinction triggers the loss of unique medicinal knowledge

R Cámara-Leret* & J Bascompte

bioRxiv (2020) LINK | PDF

39. In memoriam David G. Frodin (8 April 1940–12 August 2019)

R Cámara-Leret* & B Conn

Blumea (2020) LINK | PDF

38. Plant Power: Opportunities and challenges for meeting sustainable energy needs from the plant and fungal kingdoms

OM Grace, JC Lovett, CJN Gore, J Moat, I Ondo, S Pironon, MK Langat, OA Pérez‐Escobar, A Ross, MS Abbo, KK Shrestha, B Gowda, K Farrar, J Adams, R Cámara‐Leret, M Diazgranados, T Ulian, S Sagala, E Rianawati, A Hazra, OR Masera, A Antonelli, P Wilkin

Plants, People, Planet 2: 446-462 (2020) LINK | PDF 

37. Unlocking plant resources to support food security and promote sustainable agriculture

T Ulian, M Diazgranados, S Pironon, S Padulosi, U Liu, L Davies, M‐J R. Howes, JS Borrell, I Ondo, OA Pérez‐Escobar, S Sharrock, P Ryan, D Hunter, MA Lee, C Barstow, Ł Łuczaj, A Pieroni, R Cámara‐Leret, A Noorani, C Mba, RN Womdim, H Muminjanov, A Antonelli, HW Pritchard, E Mattana

Plants, People, Planet 2: 421-445 (2020) LINK | PDF

36. New Guinea has the world's richest island flora

R Cámara-Leret*, DG Frodin, F Adema, C Anderson, MS Appelhans, G Argent, S Arias Guerrero, P Ashton, WJ Baker, AS Barfod, D Barrington, R Borosova, GLC Bramley, M Briggs, S Buerki, D Cahen, MW Callmander, M Cheek, C-W Chen, BJ Conn, MJE Coode, I Darbyshire, S Dawson, J Dransfield, C Drinkell, B Duyfjes, A Ebihara, Z Ezedin, L-F Fu, O Gideon, D Girmansyah, R Govaerts, H Fortune-Hopkins, G Hassemer, A Hay, CD Heatubun, N Hind, P Hoch, P Homot, P Hovenkamp, M Hughes, M Jebb, L Jennings, T Jimbo, M Kessler, R Kiew, S Knapp, P Lamei, M Lehnert, GP Lewis, HP Linder, S Lindsay, YW Low, E Lucas, JP Mancera, AK Monro, A Moore, DJ Middleton, H Nagamasu, MF Newman, E Nic Lughadha, PHA Melo, D Ohlsen, CM Pannell, B Parris, L Pearce, DS Penneys, LR Perrie, P Petoe, AD Poulsen, GT Prance, JP Quakenbush, N Raes, M Rodda, ZS Rogers, A Schuiteman, P Schwartsburd, RW Scotland, MP Simmons, DA Simpson, P Stevens, M Sundue, W Testo, A Trias-Blasi, I Turner, T Utteridge, L Walsingham, BL Webber, R Wei, G Weiblen, M Weigend, P Weston, W de Wilde, P Wilkie, CM Wilmot-Dear, HP Wilson, JRI Wood, L-B Zhang & PC van Welzen

Nature (2020) LINK | PDF

Press: Nature News & Views  LINK El País LINK  La Vanguardia  LINKThe Guardian  LINK  Mongabay  LINK  National Geographic  LINK  University of Zurich LINK  BBC  LINK

Marsh Director's Choice Publication Award 2021:

“it represents a huge collaborative effort, an impressive use of collections and datasets, and highlights the importance of fieldwork and botanical science in addressing the challenges of biodiversity loss.”  LINK

35. World Checklist of Useful Plant Species

M Diazgranados, B Allkin, N Black, R Cámara-Leret, C Canteiro,  J Carretero, R Eastwood, S Hargreaves,

A Hudson, W Milliken, M Nesbitt, I Ondo, K Patmore, S Pironon, R Turner & T Ulian

Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (2020) LINK PDF

34. Reconstructing the complex evolutionary history of the Papuasian Schefflera radiation through herbariomics

ZQ Shee, DG Frodin, R Cámara-Leret & L Pokorny

Frontiers in Plant Science 11: 258 (2020) LINK | PDF | SM

33. A new and endangered species of Astrocaryum (subgenus Monogynanthus, Arecaceae) from Colombia

J Copete & R Cámara-Leret*

Palms 63(4): 161-168 (2019) LINK | PDF

32. Quantitative ethnobotany of palms in New Guinea

Z Dennehy & R Cámara-Leret*

Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 71 (2): 321-364 (2019) LINK | PDF

31. Climate change threatens New Guinea's biocultural heritage

R Cámara-Leret*, N Raes, P Roehrdanz, Y de Fretes, C Heatubun, L Roeble, A Schuiteman, PC van Welzen & L Hannah

Science Advances 5: eaaz1455 (2019)  LINK | PDF | SM

Included in Science Advance's thematic issue on Transformations in Climate and Biodiversity for:

 “showing that, in addition to increasing adaptation and helping mitigate transformation, protected areas also have important co-benefits by securing species that are important to our biocultural diversity and heritage” LINK

30. Relationship between floristic composition and soil nutrients in palm communities at the Chocó region of Colombia and Ecuador

J Copete, R Cámara-Leret, M Sánchez & H Balslev

Revista de Biología Tropical 67(4): 716-732 (2019)  LINK | PDF

29. New species of scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae) from New Guinea, and new combinations for the family for Malesia

M Lehnert & R Cámara-Leret

Kew Bulletin 74: 46 (2019) LINK | PDF

28. Indigenous knowledge of New Guinea's useful plants: a review

R Cámara-Leret* & Z Dennehy

Economic Botany (2019)  LINK | PDF | SM1 | SM2SM3SM4SM5SM6SM7SM8

27. Information gaps in indigenous and local knowledge for science-policy assessments

R Cámara-Leret* & Z Dennehy

Nature Sustainability 2: 736-741 (2019) LINK |  PDF | SM

Press: Nature Sustainability News & Views LINK   SciGlow LINK Nature Sustain. Research Community LINK

Included in Nature's Special Collection on Global Biodiversity Policy post 2020 for its:

“comprehensive analysis of indigenous and local knowledge on plant uses in New Guinea that shows important documentation gaps that limit biodiversity assessments"  LINK

26. Indigenous knowledge networks in the face of global change

R Cámara-Leret*, M.A Fortuna & J Bascompte

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 116 (20): 9913-9918 (2019) LINK | PDF | SM

Press: Mongabay  LINK   ScienceDaily LINK   Ethnobotany Assembly LINK

25. Opportunities and challenges for an Indonesian forest monitoring network

F Breardley, WC Adinugrohu, R Cámara-Leret et al.

Annals of Forest Science 76:54 (2019) LINK | PDF

24. Diversity of palm communities in the biogeographic Chocó and its relation with precipitation

JC Copete, M Sánchez, R Cámara-Leret & H Balslev

Caldasia 41 (2): 358-369 (2019) LINK | PDF

23. The Manokwari Declaration: Challenges ahead in conserving 70% of Tanah Papua’s forests

R Cámara-Leret*, A Schuiteman, T Utteridge, G Bramley, R Deverell, LA Fisher, J McLeod, L Hannah, P Roehrdanz,

TG Laman, E Scholes, Y de Fretes & C Heatubun

Forest & Society (3)1: 148-151 (2019) LINK | PDF

22. Dicksonia utteridgei, a new species of hairy tree fern (Dicksoniaceae-Cyatheales) from New Guinea

M Lehnert & R Cámara-Leret

Blumea 63: 140-143 (2018) LINK | PDF

21. Useful palms in three indigenous communities of La Pedrera, Amazonia colombiana

M Jaimes, J Betancur & R Cámara-Leret*

Caldasia 40 (1): 183-199 (2018) LINK | PDF

20. Mining threatens Colombian ecosystems

OA Pérez-Escobar, R Cámara-Leret, A Antonelli, R Bateman, S Bellot, G Chomicki, AM Cleef,  

M Diazgranados, S Dodsworth, C Jaramillo, S Madriñan, I Olivares, A Zuluaga & R Bernal

Science 359 (6383): 1475 (2018) LINK | PDF

19. A Monograph of the Hydriastele wendlandiana group (Arecaceae: Hydriastelele)

Peto P, R Cámara-Leret & WB Baker

Kew Bulletin 73: 17. (2018) LINK | PDF

18. Palm use by two Chachi communities of Ecuador: a 30-year reappraisal

E Schneider, R Cámara-Leret, A Barfod & C Weckerle.

Economic Botany 71: 342 (2017) LINK | PDF

17. Tropical ulcer plant treatments used by Papua New Guinea’s Apsoko nomads: fibroblast stimulation, MMP protease inhibition and antibacterial activity

T Prescott, P Hormot, F T Lundy, R Fang, S Patrick, R Cámara-Leret & R Kiapranis

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 205: 240-245 (2017) LINK | PDF

16. Fundamental species traits explain provisioning services of tropical American palms

R Cámara-Leret*, S Faurby, MJ Macía, H Balslev, B Göldel, WD Kissling, N Rønsted, JC Svenning & H Saslis-Lagoudakis

Nature Plants 3 (2): 16220 (2107) LINK | PDF | SM

Press: Nature Plants cover LINK  Science Daily  LINK  LINK  University of Amsterdam  LINK

Included in Nature's Special Collection on Alexander von Humboldt's Legacy for:

“identifying the keystone role played by palm trees, as Humboldt also did while travelling through the grassland plains of Los Llanos in Colombia and Venezuela” LINK

15. Modelling responses of western Amazonian palms to soil nutrients

R Cámara-Leret, H Tuomisto, K Ruokolainen, H Balslev & S Munch Kristiansen.

Journal of Ecology 105 (2): 367–381 (2017) LINK | PDF | TableS1-S11 | FigS2-S6 | FigS1 | FigS3| FigS5 | DataS1

14. Amerindian and Afro-American perceptions of their traditional knowledge in the Chocó biodiversity hotspot

R Cámara-Leret, J Copete, H Balslev, M Soto Gomez, & MJ Macía

Economic Botany 70(2): 160-175 (2016) LINK | PDF

Featured in Economic Botany coverLINK

13. Understanding transmission of traditional knowledge across northwestern South America: a cross-cultural study of palms (Arecaceae)

N Paniagua-Zambrana, R Cámara-Leret, RW Bussmann & MJ Macía

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 182(2): 480-504 (2016) LINK | PDF | SM1 | SM2 

12. Patterns of medicinal palm use across northwestern South America

N Paniagua-Zambrana, R Cámara-Leret & MJ Macía

The Botanical Review 8: 317-415 (2015) LINK | PDF | TableS9 | TableS10

11. Un Protocole Standard pour la Collecte de Données Ethnobotaniques et les Variables Socio-Economiques sur les Palmiers à Travers les Tropiques

R Cámara-Leret, N Paniagua-Zambrana & MJ Macía. Translated by Tabita Randrianarivony & H. Rajaonera.

Ethnobotany Research and Applications 14: 81-110 (2015) LINK | PDF

10. Geospatial patterns in traditional knowledge serve in assessing intellectual property rights and benefit-sharing in northwest South America

R Cámara-Leret, N Paniagua-Zambrana, JC Svenning, H Balslev & MJ Macía

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 158: 58-65 (2014) LINK | PDF | SM

9. The influence of socioeconomic factors on the conservation of traditional knowledge: a cross scale comparison of palm use in Northwestern South America

N Paniagua-Zambrana, R Cámara-Leret, RW Bussmann & MJ Macía

Ecology and Society 19(4): 9 (2014) LINK | PDF | SM1 | SM2

8. Ecological community traits and traditional knowledge shape palm ecosystem services in northwestern South America

R Cámara-Leret, N Paniagua-Zambrana, H Balslev, A Barfod, J Copete & MJ Macía

Forest Ecology & Management 334: 28-42 (2014)  LINK | PDF | SM

7.  New categories for traditional medicine in the Economic Botany Data Collection Standard

M Gruca, R Cámara-Leret, MJ Macía & H Balslev.

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 155: 1388-1392 (2014) LINK | PDF

6. Two new, overlooked species of Bactris endemic to the Colombian Chocó

R Bernal, G Galeano, J Copete & R Cámara-Leret

Palms 58 (1): 35-44 (2014) LINK | PDF

5. Ethnobotanical knowledge is vastly under-documented in northwestern South America

R Cámara-Leret*, N Paniagua-Zambrana, H Balslev & MJ Macía

PLoS One 9 (1): e85794 (2014)  LINK | PDF | SOM

Press: BBC LINK   Mongabay LINK   SciDev LINK   El Espectador LINK   Videnskab LINK

4. A revision of Heteroblemma Gen. Nov. (Dissochaeteae – Melastomataceae) from Malesia & Vietnam

R Cámara-Leret, JWA Ridder-Numan & JF Veldkamp

Blumea 58 (3): 229-240 (2013)  LINK | PDF

3. Palm uses in northwestern South America: a quantitative review

MJ Macía, PJ Armesilla, R Cámara-Leret, N Paniagua-Zambrana, S Villalba, H Balslev & M Pardo-de-Santayana.

The Botanical Review 77 (4): 462-570 (2011) LINK | PDF | SOM

2. A remarkable new Medinilla (Melastomataceae) from Celebes, Indonesia

R Cámara-Leret, & JF Veldkamp 

Gardens Bulleting Singapore 62 (2): 213-221 (2011) LINK | PDF

1. Toma de datos etnobotánicos de palmeras y variables socioeconómicas en comunidades rurales

NY Paniagua-Zambrana, MJ Macía & R Cámara-Leret

Ecología en Bolivia 45 (3): 44-68 (2010) LINK | PDF


3. Palmeras útiles Achuar, Amazonia ecuatoriana

R Cámara-Leret, J Copete, R Carrillo, H Balslev, MJ Macía & Achuar communities

Universidad Internacional de Quito, Quito. ISBN: 978-9942-923-48-6. 132 pg. (2018) 

2. Palm Use by the Chachi of Ecuador

E Schneider, R Cámara-Leret, C Weckerle, O Carnicer & Chachi communities

PEP + NONAME, Basel. ISBN: 978-3-907510-27-8 (2017)

1. Palmeras útiles, Resguardos Indígenas Bajo Caquetá y Apaporis, Amazonia colombiana

R Cámara-Leret, MJ Macía, Juan C. Copete, M. Soto Gómez, H Balslev

& Comunidades indígenas del Bajo Caquetá y Apaporis. (2015)

Book Chapters

6. Monitoreo de los efectos del calentamiento global en la Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

Cleef A, G van Reenen, R Cámara-Leret, H Hoeck, R Ariano & I Olivares

Ciencia en Desarrollo: Memorias del Congreso Colombiano de Botánica

(Suplemento Especial) ISSN 0121-7488 (2017)  PDF  

5. Patrones de uso de las palmeras en bosques amazónicos y montanos de Bolivia: Género, edad, grado de educación e idioma

NY Paniagua-Zambrana, R Cámara-Leret, & MJ Macía

In: M Moraes, editor. Palmeras útiles de Bolivia - Las especies mayormente aprovechadas para diferentes fines y aplicaciones. Herbario Nacional de Bolivia, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Plural editores, La Paz (2014) PDF

4. Palmas útiles de Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú

M Moraes, N Paniagua-Zambrana, R Cámara-Leret, H Balslev & MJ Macía

In: Balslev H, MJ Macía & H Navarrete, editors. Cosecha de palmas en el noroeste de Sudamérica:

las bases científicas para su manejo y conservación (2014)  PDF

3. Uso de palmas por poblaciones locales

MJ Macía, R Cámara-Leret & N Paniagua-Zambrana

In Balslev H, MJ Macía & H Navarrete, editors. Cosecha de palmas en el noroeste de Sudamérica:

las bases científicas para su manejo y conservación (2014)  PDF

2. Usos

L De la Torre, R Cámara-Leret & H Navarrete.

In: Valencia R, R Montúfar, H Navarrete & H Balslev, editors.

Palmas ecuatorianas: biología y uso sostenible (2013)  PDF

1. A standard protocol for gathering palm ethnobotanical data and socioeconomic variables across the tropics

R Cámara-Leret, N Paniagua-Zambrana & MJ Macía

In: Medicinal Plants and the Legacy of R.E. Schultes, Missouri Botanical Garden (2012)  PDF   


1. State of the World's Plants and Fungi 2020

Antonelli, A., Fry, C., Smith, R.J., Simmonds, M.S.J., Kersey, P.J., Pritchard, H.W., Abbo, M.S., Acedo, C., Adams, J., Ainsworth, A.M., Allkin, B., Annecke, W., Bachman, S.P., Bacon, K., B.rrios, S., Barstow, C., Battison, A., Bell, E., Bensusan, K., Bidartondo, M.I., Blackhall-Miles, R.J., Bonglim, B., Borrell, J.S., Brearley, F.Q., Breman, E., Brewer, R.F.A., Brodie, J., Cámara-Leret, R., Campostrini Forzza, R., Cannon, P., Carine, M., Carretero, J., Cavagnaro, T.R., Cazar, M.-E., Chapman, T., Cheek, M., Clubbe, C., Cockel, C., Collemare, J., Cooper, A., Copeland, A.I., Corcoran, M., Couch, C., Cowell, C., Crous, P., da Silva, M., Dalle, G., Das, D., David, J.C., Davies, L., Davies, N., De Canha, M.N., de Lirio, E.J., Demissew, S., Diazgranados, M., Dickie, J., Dines, T., Douglas, B.,, G., Dulloo, M.E., Fang, R., Farlow, A., Farrar, K., Fay, M.F., Felix, J., Forest, F., Forrest, L.L., Fulcher, T., Gafforov, Y., Gardiner, L.M., G.tebl., G., Gaya, E., Geslin, B., Gon.alves, S.C., Gore, C.J.N., Govaerts, R., Gowda, B., Grace, O.M., Grall, A., Haelewaters, D., Halley, J.M., Hamilton, M.A., Hazra, A., Heller, T., Hollingsworth, P.M., Holstein, N., Howes, M.-J.R., Hughes, M., Hunter, D., Hutchinson, N., Hyde, K., Iganci, J., Jones, M., Kelly, L.J., Kirk, P., Koch, H., Krisai-Greilhuber, I., Lall, N., Langat, M.K., Leaman, D.J., Le.o, T.C., Lee, M.A., Leitch, I.J., Leon, C., Lettice, E., Lewis, G.P., Li, L., Lindon, H., Liu, J.S., Liu, U., Llewellyn, T., Looney, B., Lovett, J.C., Łuczaj, Ł., Lulekal, E., Maggassouba, S., Mal.cot, V., Martin, C., Masera, O.R., Mattana, E., Maxted, N., Mba, C., McGinn, K.J., Metheringham, C., Miles, S., Miller, J., Milliken, W., Moat, J., Moore, P.G.P., Morim, M.P., Mueller, G.M., Muminjanov, H., Negr.o, R., Nic Lughadha, E., Nicolson, N., Niskanen, T., Nono Womdim, R., Noorani, A., Obreza, M., O’Donnell, K., O’Hanlon, R., Onana, J.-M., Ondo, I., Padulosi, S., Paton, A., Pearce, T., P.rez Escobar, O.A., Pieroni, A., Pironon, S., Prescott, T.A.K., Qi, Y.D., Qin, H., Quave, C.L., Rajaovelona, L., Razanajatovo, H., Reich, P.B., Rianawati, E., Rich, T.C.G., Richards, S.L., Rivers, M.C., Ross, A., Rumsey, F., Ryan, M., Ryan, P., Sagala, S., Sanchez, M.D., Sharrock, S., Shrestha, K.K., Sim, J., Sirakaya, A.,, H., Smidt, E.C., Smith, D., Smith, P., Smith, S.R., Sofo, A., Spence, N., Stanworth, A., Stara, K., Stevenson, P.C., Stroh, P., Suz, L.M., Tatsis, E.C., Taylor, I., Thiers, B., Thormann, I., Trivedi, C., Twilley, D., Twyford, A.D., Ulian, T., Utteridge, T., Vaglica, V., V.squez-Londo.o, C., Victor, J., Viruel, J., Walker, B.E., Walker, K., Walsh, A., Way, M., Wilbraham, J., Wilkin, P., Wilkinson, T., Williams, C., Winterton, D., Wong, K.M., Woodfield-Pascoe, N., Woodman, J., Wyatt, L., Wynberg, R., Zhang, B.G. 

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (2020) LINK | PDF